Agridient inc. Has emerged as a leading supplier of organic certified vital wheat gluten in response to the explosive surge in demand from customers throughout north america

Farmington Hills, Michigan, August 14, 2017: Agridient is proud to announce that it is once again successful in meeting a challenge presented by its loyal account base which heavily depends on it for sourcing their internationally grown raw materials and ingredients. Agridient now finally offers for sale Organic Vital Wheat Gluten in a major way!

Vital Wheat Gluten is a wheat derived protein flour which is a common ingredient used across the bakery and food preparation industries. Its organic counterpart a.k.a Organic Vital Wheat Gluten however, is a specialty item which unlike its non-organic version, is not readily available in the market and is produced by only a handful of select companies throughout the world. To make matters more difficult, its produced only in limited quantities and at a high cost premium.

While packaged food sales are growing at a rate of 3% per year, Organic Food Sales are growing at an estimated 15% per year. Because of the explosive growth in the Organic Food Sector, there has been a surge among US Food manufacturers to source common ingredients they use (such as Vital Wheat Gluten) in their Organic form. Agridient has done just that, and has filled a supply void for hundreds of grateful customers throughout North America who require Organic Vital Wheat Gluten to produce any of a wide variety of health foods. “I couldn’t be prouder of my team at Agridient who listened to our customers, identified a “need”, and then diligently pursued a source somewhere on the planet. They didn’t stop searching until they found what our customers were looking for”, says Bill Lawlor, Founder of Agridient. “This is what this company is about” continues Lawlor. “Our customers rely on Agridient to listen and react to the market and help fill supply voids and we do just that every single day!”

Agridient has been a trusted wholesaler of Starches, Proteins, Sweeteners and Organic ingredients to the North American Market. Agridient provides real time news and relevant information to hundreds of food companies, while assisting them in competitively sourcing the items they need to effectively manage production for their company. For more information contact: 248.539.4040 or visit