‘How Sweet it is!’ Agridient Expands Its Product Line Offerings to Now Carry A Full Line Of Cane Sugar

Farmington Hills, MI August 16, 2020, Agridient is proud to announce that it has expanded its already robust list of product offerings to now include a variety of Sugars for the wholesale and retail trades. After years of marketing a wide array of specialty sweeteners including Non-GMO, Calorie-free, Powder and Liquid options, it only made sense to add cane Sugar to the lineup. “As of August 15, 2022 doing business with Agridient has just became a “whole lot sweeter”, featuring a

Agridient expands its product line offerings to now carry a full line of Baking Flour

Farmington Hills, MI September 2, 2017, through a strategic alliance with New England Flour, Agridient is proud to announce that it now expanded its product line offerings and value add to its loyal customer base. As of September 1, any Agridient customer who wishes to test out a new competitive source for its flour needs can turn to Agridient. “We have tested the waters with some accounts and found that New England Flour is an incredible partner for sourcing Bulk Flour. We

Agridient inc. Has emerged as a leading supplier of organic certified vital wheat gluten in response to the explosive surge in demand from customers throughout north america

Farmington Hills, Michigan, August 14, 2017: Agridient is proud to announce that it is once again successful in meeting a challenge presented by its loyal account base which heavily depends on it for sourcing their internationally grown raw materials and ingredients. Agridient now finally offers for sale Organic Vital Wheat Gluten in a major way! Vital Wheat Gluten is a wheat derived protein flour which is a common ingredient used across the bakery and food preparation industries. Its organic counterpart a.k.a


Farmington Hills, Michigan, August 11, 2017: Ingredient Importer and Industry leader Agridient, is proud to announce that it has officially discontinued marketing products containing GMO in favor of the non GMO versions of these commodities. This important strategic decision provides customers who are now shifting away from “engineered foods” a reliable supplier from whom to source better-for-you, Non GMO ingredients. “GMO” or Genetically Modified Organisms, is a technological advancement dating back to the mid 90’s. Scientists genetically engineer food plants genes