'How Sweet it is!' Agridient Expands Its Product Line Offerings to Now Carry A Full Line Of Cane Sugar

Farmington Hills, MI August 16, 2020, Agridient is proud to announce that it has expanded its already robust list of product offerings to now include a variety of Sugars for the wholesale and retail trades. After years of marketing a wide array of specialty sweeteners including Non-GMO, Calorie-free, Powder and Liquid options, it only made sense to add cane Sugar to the lineup.

“As of August 15, 2022 doing business with Agridient has just became a “whole lot sweeter”, featuring a full line of sugars of multiple granulations, colors, and grades, including, brown, 6X and organic certified options. “Our sugars also come in a variety of packaging options including bulk or retail and H&R sizes” states Ziv Alcalay, COO of Agridient.

“During these challenging times, when supply chains have been compromised all over the globe due to the effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic, customers can now count on Agridient as a reliable source for this essential food commodity” states Bill Lawlor, Commercial Director of Agridient.

Agridient has been a trusted wholesaler of Starches, Proteins, Sweeteners, Seeds, Nuts and Organic ingredients to the North American Market. Agridient provides real time news and market updates to category managers of hundreds of food companies, facilitating the process of securing reliable supply chains for the different items they procure on behalf of their respective companies.For more information contact: 248.539.4040 or visit www.agridient.com