Farmington Hills, Michigan, August 11, 2017: Ingredient Importer and Industry leader Agridient, is proud to announce that it has officially discontinued marketing products containing GMO in favor of the non GMO versions of these commodities. This important strategic decision provides customers who are now shifting away from “engineered foods” a reliable supplier from whom to source better-for-you, Non GMO ingredients.

“GMO” or Genetically Modified Organisms, is a technological advancement dating back to the mid 90’s. Scientists genetically engineer food plants genes from an animal, plant, bacterium, or virus which are inserted into the plant, thereby irreversibly altering the genetic code that determines all of an organism’s physical characteristics. Through this technology, scientists have created tomatoes with a longer shelf life by adding flounder genes, soybeans that are resistant to weed killers, potatoes that produce their own pesticides, and potatoes with jellyfish genes that glow in the dark when they need water.

It is estimated that as many as 75% of all food products in grocery stores contain genetically engineered ingredients. In fact, unless you buy exclusively organic, you will inevitably purchase foods that contain genetically modified ingredients, especially if those foods contain soybeans, corn, or their derivatives (soy oil, soy flour, soy protein isolates, corn oil, corn starch, corn flour, and high fructose corn syrup etc..) The concern with GMO is that it can disrupt the functioning of other genes and create novel proteins never before seen in the food supply, creating toxins and allergens in foods and lead to antibiotic resistance and a subsequent resurgence of infectious disease as well as a host of other issues.

“Today we are in the midst of a worldwide shift in the food industry away from GMO products” states Bill Lawlor Founder of Agridient. “As a respected source of these ingredients, I feel morally obligated to offer only the purest products which were produced the way mother nature intended” “And that’s why”, continues Lawlor “we made the corporate decision to both discontinue GMO products from our product line, and reinvent ourselves by becoming a reliable source of strictly Non GMO ingredients for our loyal customer base.

Agridient has been a trusted wholesaler of Starches, Proteins, Sweeteners and Organic ingredients to the North American Market. Agridient provides real time news and relevant information to hundreds of food companies, while assisting them in competitively sourcing the items they need to successfully manage production for their company.
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